Water Line

The Water Line features the production of unidirectional valves, by-passes and flow control valves, which are used in the hydrothermal-sanitary industry.

Unidirectional Valves

Unidirectional valves are made of polyacetal and have retaining gaskets and stainless-steel springs, which guarantee a resistance of up to 95°C. It’s also possible to substitute certain components in accordance with the client’s needs (e.g.: Viton or silicon retaining gaskets; Hastelloy springs, and so on).
Unidirectional valves, also called anti-suction or check valves, are used to turn off the flow of liquid when a depressive condition occurs on the water network, impeding the reflux and maintaining the inner pressure of the circuit stable.


By-passes are valves which intervene when the circuit reaches a prearranged pressure, guaranteeing the circulation of the water flow.
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Flow Control Valves

Flow Control Valves keep the water flow rate constant, independently of the upstream pressure of the regulator itself.
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