Are you looking for very specific check valves?
Tecno Alfa customises trials and moulds, following your requests.
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We’ve produced check valves for more than 20 years

Tecno Alfa: a quick and flexible service.

Tecno Alfa s.r.l. was created in 1997 in Sale Marasino (Brescia, Italy) by Alessandro Faccoli. For 20 years Tecno Alfa has produced check valves, flow control valves, by-passes and technical items for the hydrothermal industry. Tecno Alfa takes care of the whole manufacturing process: every item produced is designed, moulded and tested within the company. 
Our projecting phases allow us to achieve quickly and efficiently the production of technical details based on the client’s sketches and specific requests. To guarantee a quality product, the whole production passes through homologated items, as specifically required by the EU hygienic and safety standards (DVGW, WRAS, ACS, KTW, DM 174).
Manufacturing and tests on request
Quick and efficient service
Systematic testing of the whole range of products

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Product lines

Tecno Alfa produces check valves, flow control valves, by-passes and technical items for the hydrothermal industry
The standard production is specialised in the fabrication of different models and diameter check valves, suitable for water, air-water, gas and hydro-massage, as well as their own connections
Tecno Alfa tests automatically and systematically the whole range of items produced and allows the client to request specific examinations and customised tests.
valvole di ritegno tecno alfa
Water Line
Production of unidirectional valves, by-passes and flow control valves
linea aria valvole di ritegno tecno alfa
Air Line
Check valves for the production of hydro-massage accessories
Steam Line
Valves to control steam
linea gas tecno alfa
Gas Line
Excess flow valves with automatic reset for gas devices
Connections completed with check valves, to satisfy the client’s needs